[c-nsp] Cisco DSLAM Product Line

Saku Ytti saku+cisco-nsp at ytti.fi
Thu Dec 11 10:41:30 EST 2008

On (2008-12-10 15:10 -0500), Jeremy Parr wrote:

> Does Cisco even make a DSLAM anymore? I can't find anything on their
> site. Any good/bad/ugly suggestions welcomed....

Ciscos last DSLAM was c6260 (hacked LS1010 more or less). There
was one time rumour that cisco planned to release both
cat3750 based pizzabox DSLAM and cat6500 DSL blade. 

I hear Cisco talks this internally quite often, not sure
why they fail to appear in the market. They are successful
in cable market, how would DSL exactly be that different
I don't know.

When it comes to recommending DSLAM, all I can tell is
that they all suck. When you have to sell port for 20e,
it is bound to show.

What I'd expect in DSLAM, from top of my head
 * ability to force forwarding to always some destination MAC
     - eg to L3 aggregation VRRP, allowing L2 separation
 * ability to sniff/spoof ARP
     -network->customer, DSLAM replies, does not send to customer
     -customer->network, DSLAM replies, always preconfigured MAC, eg. router VRRP
 * ability to overwrite src MAC, so entire port, regardless how
   many computers are seen as single PC. Reducing MAC usage in L2
 * ability to sniff DHCP, with ip source guard (uRPF in DSLAM)
 * ability to inject opt82 in DHCP
 * ability to do strict priority queue based on packet length
     (Doing priority on <200bytes packets is pretty cover-all
      QoS. Protects your VoIP, gaming, TCP ACK, interactive ssh...)
 * higher MTU for DSL connection, at least 12bytes extra.
 * multiple PVC support, and multiple VLAN support over single PVC
 * ability to double tag untagged frames coming to DSL port
 * L3 ACL in DSL port (to deny residental from sending tcp/25 outside
   designated SMTP servers)
 * hardware capable of doing all of above with IPv6
 * able to initial setup, config and restore config via CLI
 * fast reload time


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