[c-nsp] RSTP or MST on an IOS router

Justin Shore justin at justinshore.com
Thu Dec 11 13:58:01 EST 2008

I'm sure this is an easy softball for someone on this list.  Do IOS 
routers such as the ISRs, 7200s, etc support anything other than 
traditional STP?  I'd like to set up RSTP for one particular redundancy 
design scenario involving a 2800 with an ESW HWIC and a pair of stacks 
3750Es.  I'm recommending that HW using STP (preferably rapid-STP) to 
shutdown the redundant link to the second 3750E.  Simple enough and 
low-cost.  I can't find any useful docs on cisco.com that refers to IOS 
routers and RSTP.

The other thought that just came to mind is Etherchannel support on the 
ESW ports in an ISR.  Do they support Etherchannel?  If so then that 
would eliminate the need for RSTP.


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