[c-nsp] Cat6500 sup2 boot from PCMCIA

David Lima David.Lima at alphasys.com.bo
Fri Dec 12 10:40:59 EST 2008

Hi all, I have a Cat6500 x6k-sup2-2ge running an IOS software.

My problem is that I'm stuck in rommon mode after the IOS upgrade. Now I have A PCMCIA and I want to boot the new IOS from the PCMCIA.

I cannot format the PCMCIA from the rommon mode.

How can I format the PCMCIA? The only way is format from the target Catatalyst switch?

All these because I have an error about invalid magic number when I insert the PCMCIA card into the Supervisor2 slot in rommon mode.

Please I need your help,

Thanks in advance.


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