[c-nsp] Priority-queue & srr-queue question

Jeff Cartier jcartier at acs.on.ca
Mon Dec 15 10:56:59 EST 2008

I have a switch configured for deployment and I've used the same base
configuration on all of the ports.  The switch is due to support Voice
traffic, but not on every switchport.  


srr-queue bandwidth share 1 70 25 5

 srr-queue bandwidth shape  3  0  0  0

 priority-queue out


My question is this...


Being that voice is not being passed on all the switchports (ie. Only
three ports on this switch have IP Phones off it), will the above
commands impact traffic negatively on the ports that are not having
voice traffic passed through them?  


I don't believe it would, but I'm curious to hear best-practice.

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