[c-nsp] IOS for 7204VXR-G1 + MPF

Chris Flav chris.flav at yahoo.ca
Mon Dec 15 13:05:26 EST 2008

Hi all, 

we currently utilize Cisco 7204VXR routers for PPPoE aggregation and are interested in testing the MPF feature.


A little while ago we tested c7200-i12s-mz.123-14.YM12.bin and had to do an emergency rollback since RADIUS profiles that utilized Framed-Route such as:

Framed-Address =,
Framed-Route = " 1",

would not route correctly the netblock in question.  Sessions would come up however the routes were not correctly utilized by traffic flows.

Therefore, are any utilizing MPF successfully, and as well, what is the recommended IOS for the 7204VXR+NPE-G1 platform for PPPoE termination over L2TP?   What are IOS recommendations for this application and platform?  We currently handle approximately 2500 PPPoE users per box.

Thanks in advance,

C. Flav

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