[c-nsp] 7600 IP Precedence map not working

Mark Tech techconfig at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 17 07:16:51 EST 2008

I am testing an NNI connection between a 7600 and a 7200 - test environment at the moment

I have a scenario where a provider network allocates IPP 7 for voice, whereas we allocate IPP5

I devised a simple service policy to swap IPP in and out, i.e.

policy-map NNI-VOICE-IN
  class NNI-VOICE-IN
   set precedence 5

class-map match-any NNI-VOICE-IN
  match  precedence 7
policy-map NNI-VOICE-OUT
   set precedence 7

class-map match-any NNI-VOICE-OUT
  match  precedence 5

interface GigabitEthernet3/12.20
 encapsulation dot1Q 20
 ip vrf forwarding TEST2
 ip address
 no cdp enable
 service-policy input NNI-VOICE-IN
 service-policy output NNI-VOICE-OUT

On my CE routers I can check that the correct IPP is being received (1 CE per network)

The problem is that it seems to be working only 1 way. If I make a call from my network to the carrier network, IPP is 5 at my CE and 7 at the remote CE which is what I want. However if I call from the remote network to my network, IPP is 7 from remote (fine) however it is still entering my local CE as 7 (not good)

I removed the policy from the 7600 and installed it on the 7200 (changing the match and set around) and it works perfectly, 5-7, 7-5.

On the 7600, I am connecting to the 7200 with WS-X6748-GE-TX  port (LAN card) My guess is that inbound policy map on the 7600 is not being acted up, wheres the outbound is, in order to get the initial results of 1 way IPP swapping.

Anyone got any ideas?




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