[c-nsp] Any good filters for syslog output

Christian Zeng christian at zengl.net
Thu Dec 18 11:55:37 EST 2008


* Eric Cables <ecables at gmail.com> wrote:
>I've been using swatch for a couple of years now, and have been pretty happy
>with it (I used CiscoWorks' built-in syslog analyzer before, yuck!).  I have
>had ambitions to test out SEC (Simple Event Correlator), which appears to
>still be developed (not sure if I've seen a swatch update since I started
>using it), but I just haven't had the time to do so.
>For those who have used both swatch & SEC, do you have any arguments for
>switching to SEC?

We are using SEC since 4 years in production, it has been proven as a
stable and a very powerful event correlation tool.

Back then, I looked also into swatch. SEC made it because it allowed me
to work with context-based events. This means when one event occurs, you
can create a context, allowing other event rules to become active.

There are tons of use cases I can think of. Event suppression, for
example in case of a STP topology trap was logged. Watchdog solutions,
like noticing an adjacency went down and starting a timer to check
whether it came back or not. Or even complex aggregation rules, like
collecting information about traffic behavior (ACL hits/IDS logs),
correlating up to a point where you can make sense out of the noise
(what MARS does; simpler, but free).

I am certain that some of this can be done with swatch, but more complex
scenarios require to have some persistent relation between events, and I
think this cannot be done with swatch.

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