[c-nsp] Any good filters for syslog output

Martin Moens Moens at carrier2carrier.com
Thu Dec 18 12:02:28 EST 2008

Eric Van Tol <> wrote:
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>> Hi,
>> 	We are going to be monitoring the syslog output (We already have
>> a product (Zenoss)). Does anyone know of a repository of the "Watch
>> for these regular expressions" to decide what is worth looking into,
>> and whats worth ignoring. 
>> 		Thanks, Tuc
> If you're looking for a supported, proprietary product, check out
> Solarwinds Orion - much more than just a syslog repository, though. 
> You are able to store syslogs in a SQL database, create rules for
> syslogs based upon source IP, source hostname, message type
> (%LINK-4-ERROR, etc.), and message contents.  You can also do fancy
> things like forward the syslog to another syslog server, send an
> email/page, modify the message, and do time-of-day rules.  On the
> downside, if all you need is a syslog server, you have to pay for the
> entire Orion suite, which is pretty expensive.        
> -evt

For those using a windows server for syslog, sl4nt
(http://www.netal.com/sl4nt.htm) is a very flexible (and not expensive)
option. It as well has al above mentioned options.


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