[c-nsp] Sharing HSRP group numbers across multiple HSRP instances

Justin Shore justin at justinshore.com
Tue Dec 23 18:35:04 EST 2008

Phil Mayers wrote:
> That's the "HSRP multiple group optimisation" which is available on SXI 
> and SRsomething, but sadly it supports routed subints on the same master 
> physical int *only* - no SVIs:
> int Gi1/1.1
>  standby name foo
>  ! other config
> int Gi1/1.2
>  standby follow foo
>  ! other config
> Attempting to configure on SVIs gives some random error message about 
> "different physical parent interfaces". I can't see any reason for the 
> restriction - I keep meaning to put an RFE in.

Thanks for the info.  I'll add this to my feature request list right 
behind BFD for SVIs. :-)


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