[c-nsp] q-in-q vlan stacking

wellknown at gmx.net wellknown at gmx.net
Sun Dec 28 05:32:19 EST 2008


I think I do not really understand the concept of vlan stacking.

I would like to break the limit of 4096 vlans per router with this technique. Please assume the network structure as the following:

One core router (capable of vlan-stacking) as uplink to several cisco 6509 switches (sup2). Lets assume the ciscos work only on layer2, to each port an untagged vlan is assigned. Would it be possible to provide for example 50000 seperate vlans for 100 fully loaded 6509 from only one core-router with q-in-q?

Need the 6509 switches to be cappable of q-in-q?

I imagine to put for example one vlan from id 1 - 450 to each port if the ciscos, configuring the uplink to the core router with trunking and the core router is handling this packets "like untagged" and adding the second vlan tag to it.

Is there any other solution (except of multiple ports (of different) switches in the same vlan and preventing communication by firewall) to use more than 4096 vlans with one router?

Best regards!

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