[c-nsp] GLC vs SFP

Gregori Parker Gregori.Parker at theplatform.com
Mon Dec 29 13:09:01 EST 2008

Working with 7206VXR w/ NPE-G2 and I've been using GLC-SX-MM
transceivers for interconnects with no problems.  Had the need to
support LX handoffs arise and noticed that Cisco advises SFP-*
transceivers rather than GLC-* and I'm wondering why...only differences
between the transceivers appear to be price (x2) and DOM support (and
operational temperature range).  Considering that my GLC-SX-MM's work
just fine, I'm assuming that GLC-LH-SM's will as well (but cant test at
the moment)...nevertheless, I'm trying to sanity check here: Are there
any potential issues with ignoring Cisco and using GLC-* transceivers
rather than SFP-* in the 7200VXR?  Do I really need the SFP-GE-L?
Thanks in advance

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