[c-nsp] FWSM - BGP STUB

Vikas Sharma vikassharmas at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 03:12:30 EST 2008


I have FWSM contexts connected to vrf (part of MSFC) and then this vrf is
connected to FWSM ext context and then to msfc.

fwsm contest (1,2,3...n) ---> VRF --> Ext FWSM context ---> MSFC (Global
routing table)

>From fwsm cxt1,2,....n to vrf are point to point connection.

ctx1 --- vrf1 (vlan1)
ctx2 ---- vrf1( vlan2)

point to point interfaces from ctx to vrf.

I want to use BGP stub in this scenario. But limitation is BGP stub can only
be configured in admin context. It is possible to configure BGP stub in this

Vikas Sharma

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