[c-nsp] Multilink Bundle Name Problems

Matt Saint matts at internode.com.au
Thu Oct 16 02:06:11 EDT 2008


We have 2 LNS that are part of a SGBP group. Users can connect with  
multiple same type interfaces no problem. For example the customer may  
have 2 ADSL wics in an 1841. So looks to be functioning correctly.

However we have another style of customer who has an ISDN bri and an  
ADSL wic in an 1841. The ISDN is backing up the ADSL with a dialer  
watch command. When the watched route disappears the ISDN comes up  
fine. So the first part of the job seems to be working okay. However  
when the ADSL interface comes back and tries to reconnect this fails.  
The usernames are different and different IP addresses are assigned.

 From the debug it would appear that the remote router is trying to  
join the interfaces into the one multilink bundle because the mppp  
bundle-name discriminator is the same. I have tried influencing the  
discriminator at both ends but it always uses the SGBP group name on  
the customers router. We don't want both interfaces in the same bundle  
for various reasons but we do require mppp on both links.

*Oct 16 04:32:15.139: ppp13 PPP: Phase is FORWARDING, Attempting Forward
*Oct 16 04:32:15.139: ppp13 PPP: Send Message[Connect Local]
*Oct 16 04:32:15.139: Vi3 MLP: Added interface to multilink group Mu1
*Oct 16 04:32:15.139: Vi3 PPP: Phase is DOWN, Setup
*Oct 16 04:32:15.139: ppp13 PPP: Bind to [Virtual-Access3]
*Oct 16 04:32:15.139: Vi3 PPP: Send Message[Static Bind Response]
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Virtual-Access3,  
changed state to up
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: Vi3 PPP: Phase is ESTABLISHING, Finish LCP
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: Vi3 MLP: Request add link to bundle
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: Vi3 PPP: Phase is VIRTUALIZED
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: Vi3 MLP: Adding link to bundle
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: Vi3 MLP: Bundle Di2(ibclnstestSGBP) in different  
multilink group
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: Vi3 MLP: Link not added to bundle
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: Vi3 PPP: Sending Acct Event[Down] id[E]
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: Vi3 PPP: Phase is TERMINATING
*Oct 16 04:32:15.143: Vi3 LCP: O TERMREQ [Open] id 2 len 4
*Oct 16 04:32:15.167: Vi3 PPP: LCP not open, discarding IPCP packet
*Oct 16 04:32:15.167: Vi3 LCP: I TERMACK [TERMsent] id 2 len 4
*Oct 16 04:32:15.171: Vi3 LCP: State is Closed
*Oct 16 04:32:15.171: Vi3 PPP: Phase is DOWN
*Oct 16 04:32:15.171: Vi3 PPP: Send Message[Disconnect]
*Oct 16 04:32:15.175: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Virtual-Access3,  
changed state to down
*Oct 16 04:32:15.175: Vi3 MLP: Destroying member subblock, remove from  
*Oct 16 04:32:15.175: Vi3 MLP: Removed interface from multilink group  

Anyone seen this before? Is there a way around it?


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