[c-nsp] About CISCO ACS UCP

zhuifeng0426 zhuifeng0426 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 23:30:40 EDT 2008

Hi all:
may be previos e-mail is too big for mail.
I'm facing a problem with UCP(user change password). I've already installed ACS 4.0 for windows on my windows 2000 server. also, I do all things for ucp(prepare IIS, add ACS server, etc.)..when I install UCP on the same PC, problem appears:
1,if i install UCP on ACS CD, I can't finish it because of UCP can't communicate with ACS..
2,but with the same config, if i install UCP v3.3.1 or 3.3.4, I can finish UCP install. but when I open IE with UCP's ip address and try to login with my username and password, it always appear "invalid user" 

any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Best regards!         
YiFeng Zhou
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