[c-nsp] Bonded DSL with Cisco 1800/877's

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I would start here:


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Hey all,

Not having the time/budget to research the full implications myself I am
approaching the list for advice.

In Australia we can do either ADSL, ADSL2/2+ or SHDSL for the most part.

I have a client wanting more bandwidth than any single of these connections
can provide, without the availability of any other offering.

The aim - to provide as much bandwidth as possible using ADSL technologies -
2, 3, or 4 (would need a 2811?), but mostly 2 would be fine.

I am faced with a choice.

A Cisco 1811 with 2 (or more - limit 4?) 877's in bridge mode or equal
weighted routing


A Cisco 1841 (or 2800 equiv) with 2 * HWIC-1ADSL cards

-       The services will be going into the same DSL provider
-       The services are delivered to the LNS as L2TP connections
-       We managed both ends - the end customer equipment, and the ISP's
LNS's (Cisco 7200G2)

I've never done 'bonded' or 'ppp multi-link?' with any of the above
hardware.. the last time was many years ago with multi-linked 28.8 modems.

Any thoughts or advice on the above? From the perspective of either the
clients end, or the ISP's end or both.

Thanks in advance guys.

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