[c-nsp] full BGP route in 7600

Hank Nussbacher hank at efes.iucc.ac.il
Wed Oct 29 09:45:37 EDT 2008

At 03:07 PM 29-10-08 +0200, moshe mizrachi wrote:
>hi ,
>i have 7609s with RSP3CXL running SRC2 +  7600-ES20-10G3C(2*10Gig) +SIP400
>with SPA-OC12 .
>via the OC12  there is BGP peer that getting full route bgp , the problem is
>that the ES20 is 3C
>with DFC  with limition  of  memory, is there any creative idea how to solve
>it without upgrading the
>ES20-10G3C  to ES20-10G3CXL

Single BGP peer?  So use an ACL to trim the RIB.  Others have done it and I 
believe listed it here.  You lose granularity but all should work if it is 
a single BGP peer.


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