[c-nsp] Lightstream Alternative

Sebastian Ganschow s.ganschow at buelow-masiak.de
Fri Oct 31 03:21:13 EDT 2008

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> Von: Mateusz B?aszczyk [mailto:blahu77 at gmail.com]
> I am not sure but it seems to me that some fancy SPA card in c7600
> would do the local switching, wouldn't it?

I'm not sure. 

In the end-of-live announcement for the lightstream I've found, that cat 
4500 and cat 6500 should be able to take over for the lightstream. But I 
can't find anything at cisco, which assures that can configure 
everything on the cat 6500, which I've configured on my lightstream.

If the SPA card for the 7600 could do the switching, the cat 6500 should 
also be able to do it. But even for the 7600 I can't find any 
information on atm switching.

I just need to switch pvc from one OC3/STM-1 to another and configure 


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