[c-nsp] 3560 vrf unwanted leaking when using tracked static route

jcovini at free.fr jcovini at free.fr
Fri Feb 6 05:30:59 EST 2009


Got a strange behavior on a C3560 12.2(35)SE5.

I am locally attached interface to network where my next hop
is. This interface is member of vrf Internet

I have a vrf static route, working perfect :
ip route vrf Internet

As soon as I remove and replace this route by a tracked one, the IOS adds the
"global" keyword.
I input this :
ip route vrf Internet track 2
and got this in the show run output :
ip route vrf Internet global track 2

Leaking then occurs, traffic is not reaching next-hop, but rather goes
to some router defined in the global routing table, which has a entry.
My tracker object is correctly defined inside the vrf Internet and is flagged

I rollback to a non-tracked route : no global keayword added, no leaking,
everything is fine.

Have no idea what's happening here. Got the same config on a 6509 12.2.33sxh,
works like a charm. What error did I do ?

Jerome Covini

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