[c-nsp] Two BGP Routers and EIGRP

Jason Ford jason at chatinara.com
Mon Feb 9 22:32:24 EST 2009

Hey all,

I am seeing an issue with routes dropping in our configuration and 
wanted to do a sanity check. We have two sup2/msfc2 w/ 512MB (router A 
and B) each connected to a distinct BGP peer. We are running eigrp on 
these routers as well to redistribute static and connected routes to two 
other routers (router C and D) in our network. Currently I have a 
default static route configured on router B to point to the BGP peer's 
uplink. This in turn injects a default route into eigrp which router 
A/C/D pick up. This is my question, is there a better way to set this 
up? We do not want to push all BGP routes to router C and D because they 
do not need all of the routes simply only a default route that is 
dynamic if router D dies.

Second part is, we see inbound routes getting dropped  and causing 
bouncing routes but it is only a select few. Traffic from peer comes to 
router D and then router D sends it back to peer then peer sends it back 
to router D etc etc. Is this due to the way I have the network setup up 
above? If I hard reset the BGP session, the problem goes away for ~3 
weeks. Is this a limitation of sup2's with BGP now that we are over 256k 

Any suggestions are more than welcomed!


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