[c-nsp] BGP default-originate route

Scott Ingram SIngram at clayton.com
Wed Jan 14 12:19:07 EST 2009

Brad, Thanks for the reply and the thought process.  I think to keep it simple all I want is to do "one site primary and the other standby only".


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On 1/14/09 9:31 AM, "Scott Ingram" <SIngram at clayton.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to assess the best options on implementing site redundancy to the
> " network default-originate " for all my  MPLS sites Internet traffic.    I'm
> trying to validate if I could have 2 CE's within the MPLS network using the
> default-originate and supply the best path.

This is possible, but depending on what exactly you are trying to accomplish
will determine what amount of cooperation is needed from your SP, or not.
You can send two default routes from two different CE locations, but the SP
routing protocol will make the best path decision as to which site will
receive the internet traffic.
Do you not care which site gets the internet traffic and just let it run
haphazardly? If so, fire away and see what happens.
Do you want regional selectivity?  This might "just work" as well with
default routing behavior within SP.  For example where all east cost PE's
find the east cost CE default route as the lowest metric without any special
Do you want load balancing, sending half of your sites to different
Or do you want one site primary and the other standby only?
Unless you want it haphazard you will likely want to talk with your SP
engineer to discuss the routing options.


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