[c-nsp] Connecting a VRF between routers

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I am not sure I fully understand your application, but a few things come
to mind:

1. You can buy a VPLS service from your SP (the one that has an MPLS
cloud) and ask them to provision a L2 cloud between your sites.

2. You could try using some tunnels (most solutions would be L3 based
except EoMPLS), but platform/software support for this is limited

3. Run L3 VPN between your sites using the SP's service. This would not
allow for L2 interconnection, but would allow IP communication.

If you give a better view of what you want actually to achieve maybe we
can come up with something more specific.


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Firstly, YES, I've kind of asked this before, but with the different
people do and understand things all over the world, I've not had a
that actually works.

So.. Simply.

I have, lets just say 2 (two) routers and or switches (3560, etc with

I want to, at a layer 2 level, link a vrf on one router/switch to

What I am meaning here is.  If I type 'show ip arp vrf BLAH' on one
I want to see the ARP for devices connected into the VRF on the other

I don't particularly want to use tunnels due to MTU issues.

A VLAN with an SVI on a switch and a sub-e on a router work fine, but
if I have a full layer2 switched path all the way.  

In some cases I do not.  An example would be when we use another carrier
link two cities and they have an MPLS cloud in the middle.  I want to
link a
VRF to another VRF on each side of the cloud.

I am not sure if what I want to do makes sense.. Some people just
MPLS, but it seems like an over complex solution if we're talking about

If I am not being clear about something, please feel free to ask me for

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