[c-nsp] 12k Full BGP Feed Memory Requirements

Antonio Soares amsoares at netcabo.pt
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Wow, this is unbelievable ! Can you show us your "show proc mem | inc BGP" ? Do you really have two full BGP feeds (about 284k
prefixes each) ?



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>I need help in order to calculate the memory needed to accomodate 2 or
more Full BGP >Feeds. This is for a 12400 running IOS. Today i
>saw this problem with some linecards:

OUR GE-GBIC-SC-B's w/ 256MB Generally have about 100 megs of ram free
with 2 directly connected full feeds, and at least 6 through ibgp.
There may be a configuration issue.  Only recently have our Engine-0
Cards been running out of memory, as they only have 128MB.

bbr1.tor#execute-on slot 3 show proc mem | i Free
========= Line Card (Slot 3) =========
Total: 223634112, Used: 88582896, Free: 135051216

We have 12008's with GRP-B's w/ 512 RP Ram.

Hope this helps!

Ryan Werber
Epik Networks

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