[c-nsp] Conflicting OSPF router-ids in separate VRFs

Justin Shore justin at justinshore.com
Thu Mar 5 12:16:18 EST 2009


Thanks for the reply.  This sounds odd to me.  Why wouldn't IOS be able 
to handle conflicting OSPF router-ids for OSPF processes in different 
VRFs?  I could certainly see the problem if these were separate OSPF 
processes that were in the global VRF but I would think that VRF 
separation would take care of any conflicts in OSPF processes.  Odd.  Is 
this something that may be addressed in a future release?

Thanks again for the reply

Harold Ritter (hritter) wrote:
> Justin,
> The OSPF RID needs to be globally unique on the box. There is no way
> around it.
> Regards 
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> Is there some magic trick to making OSPF on a 7600 running SRB1 be truly
>   VRF-aware?  OSPF instances in separate VRFs shouldn't IP conflict with
> router-ids in other VRFs.  If they did then what's the point of VRF
> separation?  Any thoughts before I call TAC?

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