[c-nsp] BGP conditional advertisemet - NON-EXIST route map's access-list problem

Mateusz Blaszczyk blahu77 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 10:53:25 EDT 2009


> ip as-path access-list 1 permit ^200 !!! (ISP-1 AS number) !!!
> access-list 65 permit any !!! (permit any packet from ISP-2) !!!
> route-map NON-EXIST permit 10 !!! (this matches any route from AS200) !!!
> match ip address 65
> match as-path 1

you can match only on ACL and prefix-list int the *-EXIST-MAPs.
Also you dont match packets rather prefixes.

So choose a ISP-1 prefix (some infrastructure IPs or so) and match in prefix-list/route-map.
Then if it is gone, start advertisiing to routes in ADVERTISE

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