[c-nsp] QoS Strategy for Cisco 877

Steve McCrory SteveMc at netservicesplc.com
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Hi Gary,

Configuring QoS on Cisco 877 routers is actually at the heart of one of
our products.

Can I ask what queuing method you are using, are you using CBWFQ or
Priority queuing?

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I've been trying a bunch of different methods, but nothing seems to
achieve what I want. Ideally I'd like to use Priority Queueing (or
something that operates the same) on the ATM0 interface of a Cisco

I have 3 classes of traffic:

Telnet/SSH/ICMP/Management - High Priority
General Data - Default Priority
IP Video Camers - Low Priority

Normally I would just use a priority-list/priority-group, but I can't
seem to apply it to either the ATM0 interface or the ATM0.33 interface
(and I have also tried applying it on the PVC under the subinterface).

I would like all packets in the high priority queue to be serviced
first, then all packets in the default priority, and if there's any
bandwidth leftover, service the low priority queue. I would prefer not
to have to define minimum and maximum bandwidth for each queue (I
don't want any hard queues/bandwidth limits, I would like all
available bandwidth to be used by any particular queue as long as the
queues above it are serviced).

Can anyone recommend a QoS strategy/configuration for this that will
work on the ATM0/DSL interface (no PPPoE) on a Cisco 877?


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