[c-nsp] Channelized DS3 over SM fiber handoff

Ryan Werber RWerber at epiknetworks.com
Fri May 1 23:12:35 EDT 2009

Allstream at 151 front street in Toronto does this.  They run a single
strand SMF and they terminate it into a form of a media converter, which
passes off 2x BNC as expected for a DS3.  They do this for both clear
channel and channelized DS3.

Interestingly enough, our channelized OC12s come in on a pair of SMF
from them.

I would imagine you would need a similar media converter - I'm sorry I
don't have the model number of the equipment Allstream uses.  All I know
it is some sort of WDM equipment (obviously) on the fiber side. 

Ryan Werber
Sr. Network Engineer
Epik Networks

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Troy Beisigl wrote:
> Maybe they delivered a channelized OC3? I know that is an actual
> product, but have never seen a DS3 as fiber handoff.

Maybe; odd though if one asked for a DS3. If that's the case you can
just get an OC3 port adapter.

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