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Arie Vayner (avayner) avayner at cisco.com
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Just to provide a complete feedback:

There is no support for per session qos for sessions forwarded over L2TP
as there is no real interface to use in order to apply the policy on...

The only option I see would be to deploy a DPI (deep packet inspection)
device that can do L2TP.
Specifically, Cisco has the SCE2000 (2x1GE) or SCE8000 (multiple 10GE)
that can do this, and has L2TP support. It can basically see inside the
L2TP tunnel, and identify specific sessions, applying QOS and DPI
policies per subscriber.


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Afternoon all,


I've been asked to look into the capabilities of the Cisco IOS feature
'Per-Session Shaping and Queuing' and I am looking for some expertise
from anyone who has utilized this feature.


I would like to know if it is possible to shape an SSS session that is
forwarded on to another LNS or is this feature specifically for shaping
subscriber sessions that terminate locally?


I tried configuring a service policy on the virtual-template that is
associated with the VPDN group for the incoming L2TP tunnel but this
appear to break everything and debugging radius identifies a 'nas-error'
as the cause:


*Apr 30 15:26:50.187: RADIUS:  Acct-Terminate-Cause[49]  6   nas-error






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