[c-nsp] Lightweight Radius Server for small installation and Windows

Marc Haber mh+cisco-nsp at zugschlus.de
Wed May 6 05:57:58 EDT 2009


a small company is planning to deploy client VPN using the Cisco VPN
client and an 1841 in their office. They have 50 employees, about 15
of them mobile, a couple of Windows 2003 servers (no virtualization
yet) and are mostly an all-windows shop. They neither want their users
to authenticate to the VPN via their Windows password (which, to my
knowledge, rules out authenticating against the AD), nor do they want
to use the cisco command line to generate the user accounts on the
1841 itself.

Is there a lightweight, resource-easy Radius server for Windows which
can be installed on one of the existing servers which has a clickable
frontend for account management? It doesn't need to be end-user safe,
the admins are going to manage the account, but they cringe at the
thought of doing the "conf t; foo; copy running-config startup-config"

Just in case, in which price range do the "cheapest"
one-time-password-token authentication schemes start for this user

Any hints will be appreciated.


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