[c-nsp] Nexus 5000?

ChrisSerafin chris at chrisserafin.com
Wed May 6 12:45:45 EDT 2009

I have a client that Cisoc is recommending the Nexus line of switches 
for their data center. They will be using IBM blade switches and I'm 
guessing these would be the 'core'.

They are looking at (2) Nexus 5010's and (2) Nexus 2000's.....totaling 60K.

I'm wondering why this would be recommended, since the only added 
feature of the Nexus line from Cisco.com's video is that they have 10GB 
ports.....and really nothing else.

I'm almost ready to recommend my favorites....3750G's for this scenario.

Anyone have real world experience wirking with these devices and can 
share comments? good or bad, and why you went with them?



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