[c-nsp] Lightweight Radius Server for small installation and Windows

Marc Haber mh+cisco-nsp at zugschlus.de
Thu May 7 08:35:59 EDT 2009

On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 02:13:18PM +0300, Ziv Leyes wrote:
> The cheapest solution is already there, Windows2003 server can act as
> a radius server, it doesn't have to use necessarily the same users,
> new users can be added to a special new group only for the VPN
> authentication.

So a user would have two AD accounts, one for the VPN which doesn't
give any Windows privileges, and one for all the rest? Can this be
separated via a domain, so that joe.luser can be joe.luser at example.com
for his Windows account and joe.luser at vpn.company.com for the VPN?

> All they need is someone that is good enough with Win2003 server to
> make it happen,

Alas, I am not that one :-/


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