[c-nsp] MRTG on SONET APS?

Pete Templin petelists at templin.org
Fri May 8 17:25:31 EDT 2009


I'm in the process of bringing up my first SONET APS-protected 
(single-router APS) link, and it's been an adventure.  Aside from the 
carrier having to tickle their DACS cross-connect to get the circuit to 
work, and learning that I needed to use the Loopback0 address as the APS 
protect address, and then learning that I needed to allow UDP/1972 in my 
receive ACL (I guess I figured something had to be allowed), the link is 
now up.  IPv4 and IPv6 OSPF adjacencies are up, and the working port is 
showing 1-2kbps of traffic.

Unfortunately, MRTG is only seeing 16bps on one port, and 0bps on the 
others.  Is there something special to tracking the traffic on an APS pair?


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