[c-nsp] Nexus 5000?

Church, Charles cchurc05 at harris.com
Sun May 10 21:39:10 EDT 2009

This URL sums it up pretty well:


Note some say 10/100/1000 for the GLC-T, and some just say 1000BaseT


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Thanks. It appears that some of the fixed configuration switches that have SFP ports can be 10/100/1000. I've never run into that, as all the SFP ports I've seen on the 6500/7600 are fixed at 1G. I thought it was a SFP thing, but apparently not.

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Matthew Huff wrote:
> It's an SFP port rather than a copper 10/100/1000. Every Cisco SFP port fiber or copper is 1g only.

Not true.

E.g. on a c3750g

ap-c3750g-1#show int status

Port      Name               Status       Vlan       Duplex  Speed Type
Gi1/0/6   ap-974a            connected    trunk      a-full a-1000
1000BaseSX SFP
Gi1/0/10  ap-ups1            connected    1          a-full  a-100
10/100/1000BaseTX SFP
Gi1/0/11  ap-rt1             connected    trunk      a-full a-1000
10/100/1000BaseTX SFP

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