[c-nsp] Channelized DS3 over SM fiber handoff

The Mickster mickster4470 at gmail.com
Mon May 11 21:02:12 EDT 2009

If they are truely handing you a channelized OC3, then you'll need a
channelized OC3 port adaptor - not the same thing as a "normal" OC3 adapter,
at least for router interfaces.

My guess is that the DS3 was extended with media converters, but the carrier
didn't supply the  near end  media converter box as they should have.
Whenever I've gotten an extended demark for DS3, either the carrier provided
both media converters, or I had to extend the DS3 myself and I had to
provide both media converters.

There is no "normal" answer for this one - you really need to get the
carrier to tell you what equipment is on the other end, and if you ordered a
DS3 you need to insist that they hand you a pair of BNC connectors unless
you've made some other special arrangement.

-The Mickster

On 5/1/09, Seth Mattinen <sethm at rollernet.us> wrote:
> Troy Beisigl wrote:
> > Maybe they delivered a channelized OC3? I know that is an actual
> > product, but have never seen a DS3 as fiber handoff.
> >
> Maybe; odd though if one asked for a DS3. If that's the case you can
> just get an OC3 port adapter.
> ~Seth
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