[c-nsp] ASR 1000 series again: Netflow export

Elmar K. Bins elmi at 4ever.de
Thu May 14 11:32:46 EDT 2009

Holá Daniel,

ddelaros at cisco.com (Daniel de la Rosa (ddelaros)) wrote:

> Is it supported in any mgmt port at very high speed?.. ;).. ASR1000 main
> focus was to deal with the high speed netflow and fw logging needs so
> that's why enabling nf exporting from this mgmt port hasn't been a very
> high priority item. We can take this offline and work with you and your
> account team so we can reprioritize accordingly, but this is definitely
> not supported.

I still wonder what this Mgt port is good for, then.

And: Should I not be able to make that decision myself? The "vrf" extension
to the source command is present on other platforms and it is also needed
if it occurred to me to run multiple VRFs on the box and choose one for
transport "home".

In my case, I will keep the netflow traffic down to 5 Mbps max. (and use
sampling accordingly), since I cannot afford more bw on the VPN anyway.
But I need to get the info home to my collector, and that box is inside
my Mgt network and not exposed to some crazy Internet (why should it?).

So, the conclusion is: The mgt port is absolutely useless for me and I
could have saved the money on it. Mgt Ethernet will take one of the
precious ports on the SP, and it will make ACLs and route filtering
necessary, too.


PS: If you have any idea about the roadmap for the ASR1k...

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