[c-nsp] ASR 1000 series again: Netflow export

Tassos Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnet.gr
Fri May 15 04:49:07 EDT 2009

The real advantage of ASR's management port is the ability to use it regardless of the IOS 
Other than that, i don't know how QFP marketing was supposed to solve all things, but 
netflow functionality in ASR (CPU bound?) is in infant phase.


Elmar K. Bins wrote on 15/05/2009 11:12:
> benny+usenet at amorsen.dk (Benny Amorsen) wrote:
>> The mgmt port should perhaps be thought of as an ethernet version of the
>> console port? Personally, I would prefer that to be the case; the more
>> it looks like a serial port + a terminal server + a power control bar,
>> the better.
> Which is of not much use. Initial configuration happens over the console,
> and from then on, the Mgt port is supposed to be the out-of-band
> management transfer, used for
>   - AAA (Tacacs etc)
>   - Logging
>   - ssh
>   - NTP
>   - SNMP
>   - SW updates
>   - Netflow
> What's the use of deliberately disabling part of the management
> functionality, just because "it might not be able to keep up
> with the bandwidth"? I can easily saturate the bw with SW updates.
> This forces everyone with out-of-band management and monitoring
> equipment to sacrifice one of the "power ports" for management
> and again run ACL based security there. Just like in the olden
> days...
> I think I'll also take this up with the BU, since implementation
> might be two keystrokes. Yet, with the release policy on XE, we
> will probably not see such a feature for quite a while.
> Life sucks sometimes...
> Elmar.
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