[c-nsp] netflow on 12.0(25)s1

sky aptgetd at gmail.com
Sun May 17 17:04:03 EDT 2009

Hello all,

I have configured netflow on 7204vxr running 12.0(25)s1 and for some
reason my netflow collector is not seeing data whereas an adjacent
router with a different code is exporting fine. There's nothing blocking
netflow packets from source to netflow collector.

brief config:

interface fastethernet0/0
ip route-cache flow

ip flow-export source loopback0
ip flow-export version 5 peer-as
ip flow-export destination x.x.x.x

'show ip flow export' shows data being exported via source loopback0 to
destination but the netflow collector is not seeing anything.

Is anyone out there running netflow successfully on 12.0(25)s1?

Thanks in advance.


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