[c-nsp] WCCPv2 on cat6500/SUP2-MSFC2 (WAAS)

Dale Shaw dale.shaw+cisco-nsp at gmail.com
Mon May 18 20:07:02 EDT 2009


Is anyone out there running WCCPv2 on cat6500/SUP2-MSFC2 hardware?

Does it work properly? Is it supported in hardware? What code are you
running? Native or hybrid? How much SP/RP memory and flash do you
have? Any noteworthy caveats?

:-) Sorry for all the questions.

We have a bunch of older SUP2-MSFC2 chassis around and I'm trying to
determine if they'll support WCCPv2 for a WAAS deployment (TCP
promiscuous; services 61 and 62).


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