[c-nsp] Dynamic NAT on router and ASA

Ibrahim Abo Zaid ibrahim.abozaid at gmail.com
Thu May 21 06:58:07 EDT 2009

Hi All

i have NAT and PAT configured on ASA 5520 and it works as expcted from ASA ,
NAT all incoming connection 1:1 untill NAT pool is depepated than PAT all
next connections

but actually , NAT pool never get depelated and ASA started to use PAT pool
although there are free IPs in NAT pool and that is strange

so i think to transfer NAT to the edge router and use dynamic NAT instead of
dynmic NAT on ASA but i need to know is dynamic NAT on router will do that

1- configure NAT pool with N global address
2- NAT first N connection to NAT pool 1:1
3- for next connections , begin from start again so N+1 connection will get
the same translation as first connection

that seems like "Rotatary" NAT but it works for outside connection not
inside , does anyone has practical experience it will work as described
above ?

best regards

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