[c-nsp] ebgp load balancing using maxiumu-paths TCAM impact on Sup720-3BXL?

Brad Hedlund brhedlun at cisco.com
Thu May 21 17:16:23 EDT 2009

Interesting, I thought it was common for service providers to run iBGP.
At any rate, yes, Enterprise customers typically do not have iBGP running
through their core, just at the Internet and WAN edges, which by the way
happens to be the perfect places to run PfR  :-)


Brad Hedlund
bhedlund at cisco.com

On 5/21/09 3:04 PM, "Kevin Hodle" <kevin.hodle at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes - that will be a fine solution for your redundant multi-vendor
> backbone... er, wait. Sorry, forgot what list I was on :P Also, I had
> a look at this, and in the QA section, I got a good laugh from this
> portion:
> Q. How do I deploy Cisco PfR in networks not running internal BGP
> (iBGP) within the enterprise?
> A. To synchronize routing within the enterprise and take advantage of
> new optimal Cisco PfR routes, route redistribution into the local
> Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP; for example, EIGRP, OSPF, or RIP)
> needs to occur. Static routes injected by Cisco PfR are tagged by an
> identifier that can be specifically redistributed. On the other hand,
> BGP routes are usually not redistributed into IGP.
> (Sorry - but this just wouldn't fly in a service provider environment)

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