[c-nsp] OT: 871W config

Justin Shore justin at justinshore.com
Thu May 21 18:12:21 EDT 2009

Thanks for all who replied on and off-list.  I see a few things in the 
configs that were sent to me that I overlooked, like the 'bridge # route 
ip' commands.  That could very well be the problem.  All of the configs 
sent were using only a single default VLAN whereas I've disabled VLAN 1 
and am trying to use 3 other VLANs to manage security and dedicate a 
VLAN to voice.  That may complicate things more.  I will see if I get a 
working config and then I'll share the relevant config with the list.

Thanks again

Ziv Leyes wrote:
> Why do you think this is off topic?
> This is a config sample of I'm using at home and it's working great, of course you need to change some of the settings to match your needs.
> !
> bridge irb
> bridge 1 protocol ieee
> bridge 1 route ip

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