[c-nsp] Redundancy setup - comments please..

mb at adv.gcomm.com.au mb at adv.gcomm.com.au
Thu May 21 23:26:29 EDT 2009

Would like opinions on the following setup - Limited budget, we are 
attempting to have relatively simple cut-over should we lose primary 
switch or 7200

7200 w/ NPE-G2 (2 Gb ports in PortChannel) 7200 w/ NPE-400 (2 x 10/100 
ports in PortChan)

3560 48 Gb ports (Primary Switch) - 2 Gb ports in PortChannel 2960 48 
Gb ports (Backup Switch) - 2 Gb ports in PortChannel

All devices managed via OOB w/ 2509

Theory is that new services are added as portchan dot1q Ints to 
7200's(And vlans on 3560+2960), and in the event we lost 3560, we could 
simply patch the 2960 into the 7200 and we would be operational 
again(Obviously we would also need to re-patch any active ports on 
3560->2960)...Similar scenario if we lost G2 7200.

Reason for Portchan's was that we are currently exceeding 100Mb, 
therefore 2 x 10/100 ports from NPE-400 7200 we can get 200Mb, plus 
ease of maintaining config consistency between 7200's

Clients have co-located devices connected to switch....so if we lost 
3560, we would need to physically re-patch.

Thanks in advance for comments.

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