[c-nsp] WCCPv2 - what happens to existing connections when redirect-list is modified?

Lincoln Dale ltd at cisco.com
Fri May 22 18:56:25 EDT 2009

Geoffrey Pendery wrote:
> I believe that the WAAS boxes also alter some of the TCP attributes
> (like jumping the SEQ number way up when it enters the local WAAS,
> then dropping it back down when it leaves the remote WAAS) in such a
not quite true.  it uses TCP options on the initial SYN in order for the 
WAAS boxes to discover each other.

the sequence number change is for established sessions that ARE being 
gives a bit of detail on the processes involved, perhaps simplying it 
somewhat, there is more voodoo involved than it says. :)

as such, there is still the possibility of both #2 and #3 as outcomes.



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