[c-nsp] Interface descriptions - what do you put in?

Dale Shaw dale.shaw+cisco-nsp at gmail.com
Fri May 22 20:43:55 EDT 2009

Hi Pete,

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 1:07 AM, Pete Templin <petelists at templin.org> wrote:
> What do you put into your interface descriptions?  Do you document circuit
> ID, far-end equipment/port, near-end equipment/port, and/or anything else?

Our L3VPN service provider uses this format on PE-CE interfaces:

user1 at T3NVB66AW11-RE1> show configuration interfaces ge-0/2/4.246
description "By ProJEN SRID#92658 : SLID#74826 : IPVPN (: QOS : #27740
PERTH_33SMITH_63 : PR ):  :  : XX :  : ";

Obviously ":" is used as a delimiter and some fields can be empty.
Most fields map back to billing and provisioning system IDs. Some
fields are customer specific and others link specific. "U4NN" and
"L3NV" are building codes. "B66AW11" is the PE router's hostname
suffix. "PR" is the business unit with the SP that owns the customer.

This only references the L3VPN circuit ID -- the underlying PE-CE
transmission gets a different ID.

I guess this is the other end of the spectrum to "description To
ROUTER4 Fa0/0" :-)

(field values changed to protect the innocent)

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