[c-nsp] EoMPLS/Sup32/xconnect - missing something obvious

Ray Burkholder ray at oneunified.net
Fri May 22 21:05:34 EDT 2009

> Setup: Two directly connected Sup32's directly connected one running
> 12.2-33.SXH5, the other 12.2-33.SXI1 otherwise identical
> configurations.
> Goal: Test (new) MPLS configuration using EoMPLS (xconnect) between
> G4/2
> on each. I want to transport 1G over a 10G link between two sites.
> Problem: The VC won't come up. Labels don't appear to be generated. Not
> sure what knob to twiddle to make it happy. LDP appears to see its
> neighbor, but no MPLS adjacency appears. I am guessing I'm missing
> something dead obvious.

I gather the g4/2 interfaces are tied together.  You need inbound
interfaces.  These are the ones on which you do the xconnect.  A L2
interface on one router gets labelled, crosses g4/2 to g4/2 and then gets
'xconnected' to the outbound l2 interface.

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