[c-nsp] Cat 6509 Power supplies

Howard Leadmon howard at leadmon.net
Tue May 26 17:17:13 EDT 2009

 I see some have answered as to the usage of 3Kw supplies, but I wanted to
also point out there is a big difference between an L5 and an L6 series
plug.  The 5 tells you it's a 100-120V plug, and the L6 tells you it is a
200-240V plug.   So you would never want to take off a 5 or 6 series plug,
and replace it with the other, unless you could reconfigure your input
voltage to the device.  Yes, I know some are auto-sensing, which is fine,
but as a general rule of thumb.

 So in the blow, you have a 30amp 240V plug, and you were talking about
changing it with a 20amp 120V plug, so that would only give you half the AC
power the device was expecting.   Also to actually draw 4Kw from a 120V
outlet, you would need to draw in the range of 35 amps, which of course
would exceed the plug, and breaker, another no-no for sure.

Howard Leadmon 

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> I have a question about power supplies.
> I am upgrading a 6509 chassis from SuP1/MFSC2 to a pair of SUP720-3BXL's,
> fan and new power supplies. I originally spec'd a pair of 4000W units. Now
> as we know, these can only support NEMA L6-30, vs. the variable power
> supplies such as the 3000W. I've run out of L6-30R's in my data center as
> our new rack PDU's are of this spec. I may need to use 110V NEMA 5-20
> plugs.
> Can the 3000W power supply (in redundant mode) support a fully populated
> 6509 chassis (no POE) when using 110VAC?
> Thanks
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