[c-nsp] Control Plane monitoring

Ash Net ashnet2009 at gmail.com
Tue May 26 22:06:30 EDT 2009

Hi Folks,

We're looking at ways to monitor our L3 control Plane at the Routing
level. So essentially monitoring our IGP (EIGRP/OSPF)/ BGP and being
able to track the routing updates that propagate through the Network
laying the forwarding path.

 This is needed to keep an eye on the control plane at a lower level
and identify any unexpected changes in the routing paths due to a
maintenance or due to topology instabilities  caused by link failures
and flaps that may go unnoticed due to large Rotuing tables. The
expectation is to be able to proactively monitor routing and identify
issues like Assymetric Routing and routing loops before the Apps and
end users start suffering.

Arbor does a great job in identifying BGP instabilities but nothing
for IGP. Route analytics is potentially another tool that offers
routing monitoring but we haven't used it and not sure what to expect.

Any feedback on what people use for the above in their prod networks
would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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