[c-nsp] heat fins popping loose on WS-X67xx cards

Tassos Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnet.gr
Thu May 28 18:07:53 EDT 2009

Can someone please take a photo and upload it somewhere, so everyone else can better 
understand what exactly is the issue you're talking about?


Jay Hennigan wrote on 29/05/2009 00:23:
>> In the past 9 days I've found that 3 of our Catalyst 6500 WS-X67xx 
>> cards (2
>> WS-X6748-GE-TX & 1 WS-X6748-SFP) had dislodged heat fins.  The fins are
>> supposed to be tethered by a spring hooked into a small wire loop 
>> which seems
>> to be soldered onto the circuit board.  In the case at hand the wire loop
>> pulls out of the board & the heat fin then flops around free & in 1 
>> case the
>> wire loop was rattling around on the card.  Not good.
>> I'm trying to determine if this is a systemic problem or just a 
>> fluke.  It
>> seems like a design flaw, with the spring being too much for the soldered
>> wire loop.  Has anybody else seen this?  If so, with how many cards & 
>> of what
>> types?
> It sounds like a design flaw.  The spring force on the loop is upward. 
> Heat from the chip is conducted to the fins, the spring, and the loop 
> which softens the solder.  Tension on the loop pulls it out.
> They probably need to come up with a different means of attaching the 
> loop, maybe a stamped part with a base on the underside of the board, or 
> at the least use a high-melting-point solder for that attachment point.

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