[c-nsp] Latest IOS for sup1/msfc2

Bill Blackford BBlackford at nwresd.k12.or.us
Fri May 29 10:42:32 EDT 2009

I'm a little unclear on a few things.

Currently, I'm running it in hybrid-mode and would like to run native IOS. I don't believe this is possible, but one can wish.

I'm not clear what the difference is between c6msfc2-jk2sv-mz.121.27b.E4.bin vs. c6sup12-jk2sv-mz.121.27b.E1.bin (c6msfc2 vs. c6sup12).

Is the 12.1 the latest series for this switch?

What is 12.1 E?

Thank you. Any guidance here would be appreciated.


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