[c-nsp] strange behavior over MPLS network - remote desktop won'twork

Ray Burkholder ray at oneunified.net
Sun May 31 16:09:29 EDT 2009

> All -
> We have a simple three node MPLS network that we've deployed 
> for a customer across our backbone.  Two sites connect to POP 
> "N" and one site connects to POP "H".  We have CE (Juniper 
> J2320's) that provide OSPF updates to the PE for customer 
> routes, and Internet is also provided via a second circuit to 
> the site off POP "H".

Test that you have 1500 MTU's through out your network.  RDP has problems
with <1500 byte MTU's.  I think Microsoft has an updated client to solve
this.  You'll get <1500 byte MTU's if you are doing IPSEC across your links
or are doing MPLS across normal 1500 byte MTU layer 2 networks.


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