[c-nsp] AUDIT

Mario Spinthiras spinthiras.mario at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 18:51:33 EDT 2009

How will the audit be focused? If you are looking for security then I would
start from the design board and look at a more general view of the network
with focus on end to end security and device to device. You would obviously
have to build a very precise topological image of the network (even in the
case of non security focused audits). In terms of configuration, there are a
myriad of guidelines on the Internet and on cisco.com to follow, however I
don't see the essence of doing something without the actual theory behind

If you want to build a view of the network to work from there, then I assume
you use LLDP and CDP commands to do so. However an "audit" could be anything
form an intentory to a vigorous security audit. If it is a simple
configuration audit, get RANCID and work from there. Could you be more
specific as to what you are looking for or the specifications/guidlelines of
the task?

My 2p.


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